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Blood Mage

Addicted to Magic

27 May 1986
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i am me

Videns autem Pilatus quia nihil proficeret sed magis tumultus fieret, accepta aqua lavit manus coram populo, dicens innocens ego sum a sanguine iusti huius: vos videritis. Et respondens universus populus dixit: Sanguis eius super nos et super filios nostros.



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Scar is Dangerous Love!!

Rose is not the Thing
For You to Play with
She smiles with you but
it's a deadly Game
-> Do you Dare To Play?
Mali fuere Germani, pejores Itali, Hispani vero pessimi.

Why not pretend that you're going to kill yourself?

You are a Kitchen Knife.

You are a very aggressive person, not hesitating to make a fatal move in order to succeed. You are always aware of what is going on around you, though other people aren't. You are over-protective of some of your valued possessions, though you gamble to gain more. If someone gets in your way, you kill them. If you hate someone, they die. Well, not literally. People fear you for your skills and envy your success, but you don't care. You liked to be feared in order to gain reverence. You are the most powerful of all silverware, and cut up peoples souls. I mean food.

Most compatible with: Toothbrush.

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