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Romanes eunt domus

Every day things change and become more like they are now. With a hollow sound the world rings with sameness. I am angry, no, sadden with the present state of the world. The international celebration of torture and slavery in China was bad enough, finding out that I was traitor was...I just cant say how ad this makes me feel. Alright, Georgia is a small country just south of Russia at our request they have sent 2000 soldiers to Iraq, what ever you think of that war you must understand that that action made them are ally. Hell, thats as men troops as England sent. Georgia is our friend and they have put their neck on the line to help us, now Russia has invaded(yes I know its more complicated than that, I will debate you on a one-on-one basis) and what does the US do? Not only do we refuse not to help Georgia, we wont even move their troops home so they can fight for their freedom(We shipped them to Iraq in the first place). Politics aside, leaving a friend out in the rain like this makes me sick to my stomach. And because I am a salior I am one of the ones who is turning his back on our friend, our ally. I know that when I enlisted that I was going to e asked to do things that I did not agree with, taking 30 pieces of silver was not one of the things I expected. I have never been this disappointed with my country.
And sure Georgia is a small country, I doubt most people could point it out on a map, hell I had to think for a moment, and yes it would mean war with Russia and all of her nuclear weapons and our armed forces are all spread out across the globe, but we are still betraying a friend. We might as well be pulling the trigger.
I guess this is what I get for believing that the principle is important, for believing in some sense of honour.

And in typical egocentric American manners, I now change the subject to me. I am suppose to leave for Pearl Harbor Hawaii in just over a month. I am looking forward to my 4 years there and I hope to get my fish with in 6 months. This will be my first time out of CONTUS and I am looking forward to it(though I am also nervous). I suppose that the best thing is the fact that I will finally be out of school 13 years of grade school, 2 and a half of college, and a year and a half from the navy adds up to 18 years of learning. I am 22, I want a chance to put all of this to some use, and that means getting to work. Ofcourse, I will be taking every opportunity to learn more(both on and off the boat), but it will be nice to see just how much I have learned and to find out how much time I have wasted.

Two last quick points, 1. reading is the sexiest thing a girl can do, 2. new background(I kicked that mountains ass, trail blazer who-YAH!)

Romani ite Domum
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