the_bashar (the_bashar) wrote,

never mind

is it wrong that I am kinda happy when I hear about individual athletes boycotting the olympics.
I know the event is suppose to sponsor peace and faith in humanity, but there is just some thing about communism(rather communist countries that exists) that bothers me. While I am fan of the games, I cant help but to feel that holding them in such an oppressive regime is...well an embarrassment to the world at large. While I disagree with nations as a whole boycotting, I cant but to help thinking "good for them" when i hear about an individual boycotting.
but enough about politics half a world away.
I live in Groton CT right now and after that I will probably live in a metal tube. after that, who knows.

being single sucks, never having the time or means to do anything about it sucks more.
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