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Something I have been wondering about

what is the purpose of government?
Sadly I do not have the time to look at this question as much as I would like(or rather the patience). So I'm just going to throw it up here and see what I get. Though, I have made a poorly defined attempt to answer my own question, I am not satisfied with my answer(its not specific enough for my taste).
Government exist in order to force control onto the general populace(or rather on individuals by the general populace?). Through my own twisted logic and in a way that makes sense of me I have come to believe that this is do to a lack of trust between people(and thus a populace that does not trust itself).
So does government exist because people do not trust their neighbors? Or is it merely the by product of a societys attempt to organize itself in order to become more effective.

I ramble and loose cohesion
what was i saying?
i don't think anymore
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