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So, I have been de-nuked. kicked out of the program that I joined the navy for. Sweet. Cause you know its not as if I did not try. You know spending an odd 80 hours a week in a classroom, taking every opportunity to get one on one time with the instructors. Getting up every day at 4.50 so I could be inside by 5.30 and not leaving till 10 on a good night. Only seeing the sun one the weekends(thats fun) just stopped getting exercise(no more running). It was all frigin sweet, you know, just what I have always wanted. And then just falling every test, and I don't mean just failing, I mean a beautiful nose dive into hard concrete. So after 5 months of power school, with one month left to go, I have tossed out of the program, listed as hope less. Lack Of Ability, being the official reason. Sounds just like Retard to me. I have never been so fucking ashamed of my self. And these schmucks just keep telling me that I tried hard and thats what counts and that they are "so sorry" for me. Let me say now that the first schmuck to tell me sorry is going to have 120 pounds of skin and bone ripping there throat out. It is the fact that I tried so hard and still failed that pisses me off so much.

Baer from exile(DTP)
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